Diane Mayer owns and operates our sister company, White Feather Farm. She has a wealth of knowledge on pet nutrition, a balanced life for pets and their companions and grief. Wools was her "heart" dog; she delivered Wools' litter, and her name came about simply because she needed to distinguish the pups from one another, as a new pup was arriving every 30 minutes and she needed to remember who was who! She had the longest, thickest coat I have ever seen on a puppy, thus the name "Wools", but she grew to love to be called "Ms. Tee Tee."

Described as highly focused, encompassing, regal, and very wise, she earned the title, "Pack Supervisor" and wore it proudly on her dog tag. When Diane was operating Happy Dog Healthy Dog, Wools was assigned the jobs of Quality Control, Perimeter Security and Belly Rub Tester. When she walked in, we all stood at a perfect "Heel".

In Diane's own words, "Every morning that I woke with her next to me, both of us breathing to take in another day of adventure, happy smiles (her lips would curl up into a crazy big smile) was heaven on earth. She taught me and gave me so many gifts, but the one I will FOREVER be most grateful for is how she taught me to love and feel love. Her devotion and strength are what guide me everyday here at the store to do the very best I can for dogs - everywhere!"

Ms. Tee passed away on a Monday afternoon in February 2007 at our home in Diane's arms, with candles burning brightly to help guide her way. She was such an amazing animal that in her death she gave my husband and our family a new beginning. She was the inspiration for our partnership with Delaware Pet Cremation and a total change of life for her "dad." She now shines brightly guiding the dogs who need help at the store and also taking care of those spirits that have passed. 
Shine on girl.