We are honored to work with the best veterinarians in the area. We view our role as a partner with you to help your clients during this most difficult time. We have a newly renovated waiting area dedicated to celebrating the life and bond that animals and humans share. Your clients may tour our facility or be present during the cremation of their pet, if they so choose. We will work with your staff and provide you any tools that you feel will help your practice provide the most effective and compassionate service for your clients.

While cost is often the deciding factor in running your business, there are many low cost cremation operators to choose from, your clients trust you to use the most respectful, compassionate, local provider. This is one area of a veterinary practice that local reputation and a timely return of ashes should come before choosing to use a low cost operator. Our service is very competitively priced and the personalized service, accurate ID tracking system, and reputation we have built since 1996 will give your clients total piece of mind.

We provide our Vet partners with the following:
• Complimentary medical waste pick up or credit towards your medical waste costs
• Professional Courtesies for all hospital employee pets
• Pick up of large dogs (140 lbs.) within 8 hours, 6 days a week if needed.
• We will accompany you to a house call if help is needed, during normal business hours.
• No charge for any service dog (Police, Seeing Eye, etc.)or stray animals
• Stainless ID Tracking Tags and manifest tracking for all private cremations
• Embroidered Chest Boxes for all returned ashes of private cremations
• A signed card certifying each private cremation with the pet's name, date of death and owner's last name.
• Material to help children understand the loss of their pet
• Presentation material to assure your clients you use the area's most trusted cremation service
• All Tracking paperwork for your office
• Supply of Heavy Duty Cadaver Bags
• Free Freezer replacement
• Tours of our facility by you or your clients
• Prompt Pick up and delivery of all private cremation remains, pick up the next business day, and delivery within 2 business days of pick up, for all location 30 miles from Wilmington

We also provide custom options and services that you may need, including pre- planning, grief counseling and memorial services for your clients. Talk to us about any of your needs, our goal is to provide your practice with excellent service, respect for the animals, and options for transforming and healing grief.

"Our Pet's are the light of our lives, when that light dims, we often struggle. However, their spirit shines on brightly, and will guide us as we continue on our journey, a journey full of memories and love."- Rob Mayer