Rob Mayer

Rob and his Wife Diane purchased Delaware Pet Cremation in 2008 after their beloved Rottweiler, Wools, died and was cremated at DPC.   That loss, combined with Rob’s profound experience with Ron and Kathy Fox who founded DPC in 1996 lead him to a new sense of purpose in his life.   “At that moment I had been in another industry for 17 years and I knew I had some greater potential to serve animals and people, it was in the loss of my girl Wools that I found that purpose” With the opportunity to take over this well-established local business he would go on to dedicate his life to helping individuals and supporting families with the loss of a beloved pet. 

Before taking over DPC, Rob traveled to Tibet for a month-long pilgrimage visiting the major Tibetan Monasteries and to Mt. Everest Base camp with Wool’s ashes, made a small alter at base camp and then spread some of her near the top of the world. It is on challenging days that he can reflect and know she is shining down and watching over him. He has dedicated his life to helping families through what is one of the most difficult parts of sharing a life with a pet. Diane and Rob currently share their farm with 2 great Pyrenees sisters, Anouk and Pontouff, 4 cats (Forest, Harry, Chitza and Sweetie), 4 Rabbits and 44 Chickens.

Cathy Toner

Cathy Toner has spent the past 13 plus years working with animals but a lifetime loving them. Her love for animals began as a child in a home where her pets were not just pets- they were an important member of the family. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware in 1988. After many years in Corporate America, Cathy decided a life and career change was necessary and in 2003 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist. During her massage training, she learned about Canine Massage and thus began a journey that would lead her to Delaware Pet Cremations.

In 2004 she began managing Happy Dog Healthy Dog, a Canine Specialty store and Organic Dog Bakery owned by Rob Mayer and his wife, Diane. Before Happy Dog closed in 2008, she began working a couple of days a week at Delaware Pet Cremations where she experienced grief on a daily basis. Transitioning from working with living animals to deceased animals was truly a humbling experience. Working at a Pet Crematorium, although extremely difficult, sad and challenging at times, is very fulfilling and rewarding. It is so much more than a job to Cathy, it is her passion. 

The connection people have with their pet and friend is something remarkable that animal lovers completely respect and understand. Animals are a gift and capable of changing people’s lives forever and making them richer and fuller. There are some people that don’t understand that the loss of a pet can be devastating and for some much more debilitating than losing a human family member or friend. Grieving the loss of your pet is essential and needs to be recognized and respected. Over the past 8 years, Cathy has lost 3 of her own dogs and knows and understands the devastation of such a loss. It’s because of this that Cathy and Linda Simione of VCA Kirkwood started a Pet Loss group in 2014. This group offers people support and a safe and healthy place to share their grief.


Jordan Darnall

Jordan Darnall joined Delaware Pet Cremation in May of 2016 after spending years working with larger companies in the pet cremation industry. Over time, Jordan developed a friendship, and more importantly a deep respect for Rob Mayer and the reputation he and his wife, Diane, had worked so hard in creating and nurturing.

Now, feeling blessed and grateful to be part of a genuinely compassionate group,  Jordan is able to put his focus and energy into helping families cope with the grief of losing a pet. He is happy to have found his place, and ultimate destination in Delaware Pet Cremation, where he can passionately live out his calling. Excited about his future with Delaware Pet Cremation, Jordan looks forward to carrying on the mission and vision that makes The Animal Soul unique, and that so many families depend on for support.

 Matt Halterman

Matt Halterman may be one of our newest associates, but he sure has plenty of experience working in the animal realm. He enjoyed many of his early years working with both humans and animals as the Outreach Program Manager at a local zoo. Most of his time was spent providing conservation based programming at schools, libraries, and children's hospitals. It was through his time with the zoo he found his passion, facilitating the human-animal bond and sparking a sense of conservation in others.

Always looking for different ways to make connections, he spent the last several years working in an animal hospital as a pet nurse. Caring for every animal that walked, crawled, or flew through the door and treating each as if they were his own. Matt's life journey has brought him to the White Feather Farm and Delaware Pet, where there is certainly no short of human-animal connections and he is extremely happy to be part of the team.