• You are thinking clearly and have time to decide and plan the final moments with your pet knowing that the aftercare and cremation arrangements have all been made, providing you with a greater piece of mind.
• You have the resources in place if you choose in home euthanasia, we work with the area's best in home Veterinarians
• Potential cost savings

Assisting injured, sick and elderly pets to die has always been an accepted practice. This accepted means to humanely alleviate the suffering of animals is referred to as euthanasia. You may also hear people call it, 'putting the animal to sleep' or 'putting the animal down'. This is the hardest decision a pet owner will ever have to make about their pet. It is often a decision that must be made after many years of devoted love and companionship between owner and pet. Sometimes an owner will meet with judgmental condemnation concerning this matter from others. It takes courage to consider this option. It is always a good idea to seek the advice of your vet.

Be prepared to answer questions about your pet's behavior in recent weeks and days. Has your pet been eating and drinking liquids? Has your pet been as active as usual? Does your pet respond to you in his/her usual manner? Does your pet appear to be in pain? Is your pet's elimination of urine and feces normal? Has the pet been having accidents and using the bathroom in the house? Write down any information that you need to tell the vet.

After furnishing the vet with this information, the pet will need to be examined by the doctor. The vet can determine if the pet is suffering from a terminal illness, has an injury or illness that cannot be successfully treated, or if the animal is in continual discomfort that cannot be eased with medicine.

At this point you have some options that should be given thought. Many choose to have their pet euthanized at that moment when the terminal diagnosis is given. Other choose to take their pet home and spend what good time they have left home together in the comfortable surroundings of the home. Then by working with your vet or an in-home vet the pet is euthanized at home, many times with candles and soft music if the owner chooses.

We can help you either at the time of diagnosis or before to facilitate arrangements and recommend a mobile veterinarian if your current vet does not offer that service. Since this period can be very traumatic, many people are choosing pre planning services similar to human loved ones. We recommend this and are happy to sit down with you and help you plan, similar to what is down for human pre-planning. Pre-planning can give you the peace of mind knowing that all the arrangements have been made and your wishes for the final moments with your pet are taken care of and you do not need to scramble for names and numbers, but instead spend quality moments with you pet.

You aren't alone with this decision, and there is a network of support, including the stories and inspirations from our own friends who have suffered a loss. Please visit our testimonials and kind words to read others experiences and stories in dealing with the loss of their pet, in hopes that it may in time ease the pain.