We are so thankful to the many people who have donated their talent and time, and it is here that we acknowledge their contribution to our organization.

White feather farm

Our sister company, and what inspires us everyday. White Feather Farm is dedicated to providing a variety of holistic health therapies based on natural rearing and the healing power of nature and energy.

Delaware Humane Association

Founded in 1957, Delaware Humane Association is Delaware's premier non-profit no-kill animal care and adoption center, serving a four state area.They are committed to providing for the needs of homeless and companion dogs and cats in our community. 

Faithful Friends Animal Society

Faithful Friends Animal Society is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization with a No-Kill shelter serving Delaware. Faithful Friends does not euthanize animals to make space for others. All cats and dogs in Faithful Friends care stay with them until forever homes are found. They receive lots of love and attention in addition to top-notch care.

Forgotten Cats

At Forgotten Cats, the mission is to reduce the unwanted cat population without killing and to stop the suffering of the thousands of kittens born to abandoned, homeless cats. They do this by working with colony caretakers to trap, sterilize, vaccinate, and return every cat within a colony. Forgotten Cats provides the necessary medical treatment for sick or injured feral cats, stray cats, and kittens. They are working to find homes for adoptable cats and kittens. Forgotten Cats also provide education about spay neuter, and they assist other cat rescue groups with trap, neuter, and return programs.

Lisa Havelin pet reliquaries

A reliquary is defined as a receptacle to contain a relic of a saint, sacred object, or something treasured. As such, reliquaries provide people with a very special way to maintain a tangible link to that which is important. Animals hold a special place in our lives—as beloved friend, family member and sometimes even teacher. When a pet dies, a reliquary allows us to keep their memory alive and close. The permanently sealed reliquary lockets that Lisa Havelin creates are designed to hold a small memento of your pet: ashes, hair, a feather, whisker, or photo, in honor of the important relationship you've had. In this way, they are present even in their absence.

Laurie Schneider Photography

Breathtaking photography from an amazing animal lover. Laurie Scheider's beautiful and emotive portraits of animals capture the essence of the warmth, kindness and intimacy a pet brings to our lives.