Nutritional Counseling/Cancer Therapy Diets

We can help in conjunction with your veterinarian to develop a diet that is easier to digest and healthier than pre-packaged kibble. Many pets, especially dogs, have difficulty digesting their normal food and cannot receive the nourishment they need when their bodies are compromised by disease, especially when diagnosed with cancer. We have years of experience in developing diets that can help your pet get better nutritional support as they prepare to enter their final stage of life.

Massage Therapy & Reiki Energy

Animals benefit tremendously from touch and receive energy at a level far greater than humans. While it is beneficial throughout your pet's life, as they age and become ill, massage and energy healing becomes essential to maintaining a higher quality of life. We have seen countless animals and companions benefit from this type of body work.

Warm Water Therapy

At our sister location, White Feather Farm, formerly Gentle Spirit Farm, we can provide gentle, warm water therapy to help your pet delay and alleviate many symptoms of illness or age. Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for either service.