Delaware Pet Cremation was founded in 1996 by Ron and Kathy Fox. Ron had many years of experience in the funeral and cemetery industry helping families make arrangements for their loved ones. He and Kathy saw the need that many families were facing with the loss of their beloved pets. Delaware Pet Cremation was founded to help those families with the practical arrangements of caring for their beloved pets. We are proud to be the first and most experienced cremation services available in the state. As we grew we were joined by Rob & Diane Mayer, avid animal lovers and founders of Happy Dog Healthy Dog, a specialty store dedicated to a holistic approach to a dog's life, located in Wilmington Delaware and later, Gentle Spirit Farm and Walter's Whole Foods. Our lives, like yours, would not be complete without the love of our animals. We have been where you are now, and that is what motivates us each day to provide the most caring, compassionate service for you at this most difficult time. We would be happy to share our experience and the ways we have paid tribute and celebrated the life of each of our companion animals that have passed over the years. We believe that while their body may have left this world, their spirit still shines on brightly guiding us as we continue on the journey of life.


The question we are asked most of the time is, "How do I know I am actually getting my pet back?" Trust is a hard thing to come by in today's world, and we understand the question. We have been where you are now. Our pets are the light of our lives, in the photo on the right is our girl Ms. Tee, aka Wools. When she passed away at age 10 it was a tremendous blow to our family. She was, "that" dog, the dog that comes along once in a lifetime. She was cremated here at Delaware Pet Cremations, and we went through the same emotions and feeling of loss that everyone experiences. It is in her spirit and honor that every cremation is preformed. She is the guardian angel looking over all the souls who find their way to us.

Whether it be a Police Dog who has fallen, a lovable pound dog who waits at the door for your return, or the cat who has prowled the neighborhood at night to come home looking for your love, each animal is cared for through our Stainless Steel ID Tag and Tracking System. This stays with your pet throughout our care, and is returned to you with their cremains. Our system ensures that your pet is identifiable throughout the entire process and returned to you.

This is not just a job to us, each animal that is in our care has graced this world with love and compassion, and it brings a heartwarming smile when we can reciprocate in our own way as their physical body leaves us and their soul shines on. It is an honor and privilege to be entrusted with your pet. It is our commitment that each pet is treated with the same respect and dignity as if it were one of our own. Ms. Tee would have it no other way.